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"The Omnogrom (Stomatotherium omnogromis) is a fierce predator of the Savanna, characterized by its thick protective skin, small brain, and enormous, powerful jaws lined with teeth capable of breaking almost any carapace or shell. Its only weakness, apart from its extremely modest brain capacity, is its limited field of vision. Having only two simple eyes on opposite sides of its body, and lacking stalks or additional organs capable of visual input, the Omnogrom has two significant blind spots. This, combined with the Omnogroms’s extremely underdeveloped olfactory sense (presumably related to the crudeness if its digestive apparatus), allows some cleverer creatures of the Savanna to trick the Omnogrom into breaking open hard objects for them. However, such tricks can easily prove fatal. The sheer force of the Omnogrom’s crushing jaws is not to be underestimated. The Omnogrom is the subject of a Trebhum folk tale about how it is better to have honest enemies than dishonest friends."

- Compendium entry

The Omnogrom is an aggressive creature found in the savanna biomes.


Its body is ovular in shape and light skinned, and it possesses four clawed limbs and two eyes on either side of its body. A large mouth splits the middle of the body, revealing large, blocky teeth. The top of the Omnogrom end in a large hump with a pair of nostrils.


Thanks to its limited anatomy, it has a peculiar way of hunting: to attack, it spreads its body outwards to open its gaping jaws. Once it has ran over its prey, it brings its legs inward, and in turn, biting down on whatever's underneath it. Despite this, the Omnogrom usually to sleep in one position for most of its life, and will growl as a warning when anything comes near it. Under normal circumstances, it can be seen hunting slow prey like Shelled Grolluscs and Glickbols, and occasionally they'll even eat exposed plant matter.


The Omnogrom is slow and relatively easy to outrun, but they're able to instantly kill careless Trebhum if they don't have protection. After catching prey, they remain immobile for a moment to digest the prey, give Trebhum and other creatures the chance to either escape or attack back. If the Omnogrom doesn't keep up with its prey, it will also return to a resting position.

In addition, Omnogroms have very poor eyesight, as while they can see around themselves it may take a moment to recognize oncoming threats or prey, and it might not even bother with something that's too quick. Their eyes are also the most vulnerable parts of their bodies, so liquid being sprayed into them will drive them off (or agitate it on occasion). They can also be driven off with loud sounds.

Active Omnogroms aren't limited to meat, as they will eat any plant thrown under it. In the case of hard-shelled plants it will remove the shell first and vomit the inner layer. This helps Trebhum break open hard objects without the need for rocks, although they still have to retrieve the item quickly in case the Omnogrom eats it again.

Omnogroms will run away if you spray water at their eyes, because how would you like it if someone shot water at your eyes?


All Omnogroms will drop the Omnogrom Pellet when killed. Trebhum that eat the Omnogrom Pellet gain the Irascible Trunk mutation.


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  • A subspecies of Omnogrom exists in the Tundra regions called the Blue Omnogrom.
  • Due to their blunt teeth, ability to eat plants, and their neutrally-aggressive behavior, it's possible Omnogroms are part-time omnivores that live off bones and shelled animals.