The Eternal Cylinder Wiki

"The Cleanser is a chimeric being that acts as a scout for the Mathematician, scanning and eliminating creatures in the Eternal Cylinder's path. Its mechanical front half can emit a highly-focused energy field that has an antimutagenic effect on Trebhum." - Compendium Description

The Cleanser is another bio-mechanical chimeric servant to the Eternal Cylinder, serving as scouts and brutish enforcers of their master’s will. These bio-mechanical servants hold features similar to an old-world Earth vehicle, but with several horns jutting out from the front to resemble a crest, two horns facing forward for frontal charging. Although its front end has wheels, its back end is mobile thanks to a set of large, muscular arms, with the torso seemingly attached to the seat of the vehicle.

The Cleanser are extremally aggressive towards any from of life, but appear not very intelligent, these unintelligent brutes will attack anything that moves, including other Cleansers and Servants of the Cylinder. It is unknown why but People believe that it something to with the Cleanser’s creation progress, whatever creatures where used to create the Cleanser had tremendous hatred toward the Cylinder and it servants.

The Cleanser appears as a boss in the first part of the game. The Cleanser can be killed while it is sleeping but does not drop anything. They are very un-agile and must reverse to change their direction, but the fact that it is only a scout and is a boss makes the other Servants threatening. Its demutating light has a much higher range than servants such as Witnesses, so it is good at devolving your Trebhums. The Cleanser never naturally spawns and can only be found as the first boss or when the mathematician send forth his servants.